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Bin size

Please recycle as much as you can. We supply different sized bins based on the number of people in a household.

Number of residents in propertySize of container entitlement
1 180 litres
2 180 litres
3 180 litres
4 240 litres
5 240 litres
6 2 x 180 litres
7 2 x 180 litres
8 or more 2 x 240 litres

* 180ltr - 21 Inches wide
* 240ltr - 23 Inches wide

View image example of bin sizes

Three bins of different sizes

To request a larger bin size due to the number of residents in your property please complete our online form. You may need to provide additional proof of household occupants to support your request. Currently the documents we will accept are:

We can accept

(for adults)-

  • Driving license
  • ID card
  • Medical card
  • Utility bill
  • Council tax bill
  • Letters from DWP or HMRC
  • Bank statement

We cannot accept a passport as this does not include any address details.

(for children)

  • Medical card
  • Letter from school
  • Child tax credit/child benefit letter showing the child’s name and the address

To request an additional bin due to medical reasons please complete a Healthcare Waste Collection form instead.