SHLAA and brownfield land register

The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is an annual review of potential housing sites.  Its purpose is to help us understand where and when housing could be built in the future. 

Sites are assessed against a range of criteria to establish their suitability, availability and achievability for housing development.  The results of the assessment will be used to inform the Council's housing monitoring work such as the five year housing land supply and feed into other work that we do. 

Please read the SHLAA guide for a brief explanation of the SHLAA process and how the information will be used in the public domain.

SHLAA methodology

A detailed SHLAA methodology has been agreed with the other Greater Nottingham Councils to ensure a consistent approach and to clearly justify any assumptions used. 

The assessment includes land that has come forward from a range of sources, including sites that have already been granted planning permission and sites that have been put forward by landowners and developers.

It is important to note that inclusion in the SHLAA process does not in itself allow for housing development to occur on site and that planning permission must still be granted. Some of the sites in the assessment can only come forward if planning policy is changed.  Decisions to change planning policy are taken through a review of the Local Plan and will be subject to widespread public consultation.

SHLAA 2020 assessment

The SHLAA 2020 assessment is available to view using the interactive map and PDF reports for each area. For information, sites that were fully built out before 31 March 2020 and sites excluded from the SHLAA are not shown on the SHLAA map and will not be shown in the reports below.


Urban area and around Hucknall

Key settlements

Other villages


SHLAA 2021 update

The SHLAA 2021 update is currently underway. When completed, the SHLAA 2021 assessment will be made available on this web page. 

Call for sites (2022) 

If you wish to put forward a site for consideration for the SHLAA 2022 update, please complete the SHLAA site submission form and return it to us along with a map of the site by 31 March 2022. 

We welcome any new sites, in particular sites that are:-

  • In or adjoining the existing main built up area of Arnold and Carlton;
  • In or adjoining the key settlements of Bestwood Village, Calverton and Ravenshead; and
  • In or adjoining the other villages (depending on location).

If you wish to return a site submission form or have any questions about the SHLAA please contact us via email at or on 0115 901 3733/3734.

For further information on how we use your personal data please visit and the SHLAA guide.

Brownfield Land Register

In order to increase the number of houses built the Government requires local authorities to prepare and maintain a register of brownfield land that is suitable for residential development.  

The Brownfield Land Register is in two Parts:-

1) Part 1 is a list of all brownfield sites appropriate for residential development, regardless of their status

2) Part 2 includes those sites in Part 1 that the Council considers would be suitable for a grant of 'permission in principle'.

The Brownfield Land Register 2020 is available to view using the interactive map and spreadsheet.


The data is provided under the Open Government Licence. 

The Government has published guidance to assist with the preparation and publishing of the brownfield land registers and information about permission in principle, as follows:-

Town and County Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017

Town and Country Planning (Permission in Principle) Order 2017

Brownfield Land Registers Government Guidance

Permission in Principle Government Guidance