Open data

We want to be as transparent and open as possible.

This includes meeting the requirements of the Local Government Transparency Code and publishing information in ways that allows you to do other things with it as easily as possible.

Below you will find links to webpages and documents that explain who we are and what we do.

If you have suggestions for other information that would be useful to publish that we don't already let us know.

All of the information available on this page (both as downloads or linked to) is available to use under an Open Government Licence for Public Sector Information (v3).

Spending and procurement

You can find the following information on our finance open data page:

  • Expenditure over £500
  • Procurement (tenders and contracts)
  • Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations
  • Building regulations account

We also publish our accounts, current budget and Councillor allowances.

Organisation information

You can view our Senior management pay structure Jan 18 and Senior management pay scales Jan 18

  • Pay multiple
    The highest pay rate is 6.66 times greater than the lowest pay rate of the council. For full details and an explanation of the pay multiple see section 4.3 of our Pay and Pensions.
  • Trade union facility time - for full details of time spent and costs to the Council see section 3.15 of our Pay and Pensions.
  • Gedling Constitution

Land assets and parking

CSV files

Parking accounts April 13 - March 14

Car parking spaces January 2015

Land and building assets

List of assets of community value


PDF Files

Parking accounts April 13 - March 14

Car parking spaces January 2015

Land and building assets 2015

List of assets of community value

Gender Pay Gap Data

It's a legislative requirement for all organisations with a headcount of at least 250 employees to publish a set of data and accompanying narrative to describe their “Gender Pay Gap”.

View our Gender Pay Gap Data

Election results

You can find the latest election results on our Elections pages.

Other information


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