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Local land charges

We keep a register of local land charges which contain information that may affect properties such as tree preservation orders, listed buildings, other planning matters and financial charges.

If you’re buying, selling or remortgaging a property you should request that your solicitor or estate agent orders a local search directly from us.

You’ll receive

  • A full and complete search based on accurate information, free from omissions and backed up by indemnity cover
  • Free advice on all matters relating to the search
  • Information acceptable to all solicitors and mortgage lenders

Types of searches


Is extract from the local land charges register this includes

  • Restrictions
  • Prohibitions
  • Financial requiremets


Is a set of standard equiries which are usually made when buying a property this includes

  • Major road proposals
  • Traffic schemes
  • Road adoption status


Is a set of further optional equiries which can be made whe buying a property such as

  • Road proposals by private bodies
  • Public rights of way
  • Common lan/ village green equiries


How much does it cost?


  • £6.20 – Post
  • £4.26 – Electronic


  • £135.00 – Post
  • £120.74 – Electronic

CON29O(Enquiries 4,6 -21) 

  • £12.00 for each enquiry

CON29O (Enquiry 4-21)

  • Q22 - £36.00 for each enquiry

LLC1 – Additional Parcel

  • £1.20 for each parcel

CON29R –Additional Parcel

  • £18.00 for each parcel

Additional Enquiry

  • £15.60 for each enquiry


If you have any questions e-mail us

Land charges statement

We must publish information about the cost of providing land charges services as well as the income we receive (required by The Local Authorities (England) (Charges for Property Searches) Regulations 2008).

View the Land charges statement 2017/18