Gedling heritage

Gedling Heritage website

The Gedling Heritage Brought Alive website is now live and it contains an array of information about the borough's heritage including details about famous people, places, history and more. The website was put together by volunteers and the information was used to help create a heritage book which can also be read on the website. Visit 

Gedling Heritage strategy

In May 2018, we finalised a Gedling Heritage Strategy that sets out how we are going to bring the heritage of the borough to life. The 26 page document contains important information on the benefits and challenges, the theme of the strategy and the next steps to put it in place. You can read the full strategy document below.

Gedling Heritage Strategy (May 2018)

The Heritage Way

One of the actions from the overall strategy is to develop a borough wide heritage way, a recreational route that highlights the many locations and iconic places across the borough. We've started work on the draft with some details of the potential route it could take.

Gedling Heritage Way Concept Plan (Draft)

For more information about the strategy email  or call 0115 901 3708.