Events organisers toolkit

The following information provides some guidance on the delivery of safe community events in Gedling.

The menu below summarises the minimum requirements for event’s organisers in delivering a safe and legal event. By compiling the relevant documentation for your event, organisers can demonstrate that they have given due consideration to their responsibilities for the welfare of attendees, staff and volunteers.


Holding a community event in Gedling

Event for under 500 people

Event for over 500 people

Event for over 2000 people and/or a new or high risk event

Please note there is no requirement for you to send your event documentation to Gedling Borough Council unless you anticipate that your event will attract over 2000 people. 

General events guidance


Health & Safety Executive in the Event Safety Guide HSG195 (ISBN 978-0-7176-2453-9)


A comprehensive A-Z Guide on planning an event in Nottinghamshire. 


The Purple Guide is published by the Events Industry Forum and is available to download for a subscription fee.


Guidance on First Aid requirements at events taken from the Purple Guide


Advice on Martyn’s Law and how event’s organisers should consider the terrorist risk and would respond to an attack.


Protect UK website Martyn’s Law overview and what you need to know | ProtectUK


In addition to this documentation, further consideration for events organisers may be required with regard to the provision of food and drink (including alcohol), entertainment, noise levels, traffic management, accessibility, and the welfare or children and vulnerable adults.



If you’d like to run an event on one of the parks or open spaces in the Borough, you need to request permission from the Council who will draw up a license to enable your event to take place. Please complete the form below and return it to

If you plan to hold a street party, please go to the website to find guidance and details on how to organise your event. If you event affects a road or pavement, please contact the Highways Authority, Nottinghamshire County Council as some events or activities require permission.  

If you intend to sell alcohol at the event and/or if you intend to have entertainment at the event you may need a temporary event notice (TEN). You can download the form or apply online on our alcohol and late night refreshment page. For further advice contact Customer Services on 0115 9013971 and ask to speak to member of the Licensing Team. You can also email


Safety Advisory Groups

If you're organising a large event within the borough, you need to tell the Council about it as it may require consideration from our Safety Advisory Group (SAG).

The SAG helps event organisers to achieve good standards of public safety at events taking place in the district. This is to safeguard the wellbeing of all residents and visitors at our public events and ensure that, as far as reasonably practicable, any inconvenience to residents, businesses and the general public arising from such events is minimised.

Help from the SAG may be appropriate for a wide range of events, but specifically events which are:

  • large in scale – a mass gathering of more than 2,000 people
  • have hazardous elements to them
  • have never been delivered before in the district
  • have a significant public profile

If your event requires support from the Gedling Safety Advisory Group or you need to check if it does then email: