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What is Boditrax?

Boditrax machines measure your body composition and are available to use at Carlton Forum, Calverton and Redhill Leisure Centres.

Measurements include muscle mass, fat percentage, metabolic rate and age, hydration levels and much more.

Our machines have now been updated, along with a new app to use, so that you can now get even more information on your body composition. 

Who’s it for?

Anyone wanting to measure and track their fitness progress. Assessments are included in DNA Membership however are still available to non-members for a small charge.

Whether you're just interested to see your body composition measurements, or you're looking to track your fitness training progress, Boditrax will give you lots of useful information on your body. You can also compare your own body measurement data with millions of other Boditrax users, based on factors such as gender, age and height.

How do I access my readings?

When using the machine, your body composition data will be displayed on the screen. Your readings will be saved on your account, which you will be able to set up the first time you use Boditrax.

You can simply track your progress by logging onto the new Boditrax B21 app on Google Play or App Store. You can still login on the new app with your previous login details and your past body composition data has been moved over to the new app.

You can also login by scanning the QR code on the kiosk screen. To do this, simply point your mobile phone camera at the QR code and open the webpage which pops up.


How do I get started?

Book your first session at reception with a fitness advisor and then for all following assessments you can just hop on the machine as and when on the gym floor.

Want to try a free assessment? Grab a free 3 day pass and book an assessment on one of your free days!

Enhance your workout potential and start using Boditrax now!