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Sauna and steam room

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Transform your mood and relax after a hard workout or long day with a visit to our health suite. This modern facility includes a sauna, steam room and a relaxation area.

Other benefits you may experience:

• Detoxify your body and flush away dirt and germs from your pores built up through your busy day

• Increase flexibility and help tired muscle fibres recover faster

• Relieve joint pain

• Increase circulation

• Improve your complexion and rid your skin of dead cells leaving your skin feeling clean, soft and fresh

Customers must be aged 18 or over to use the health suite. You can access the health suite at Carlton Forum Leisure Centre in four ways:

  • Health suite membership: £15 per month
  • Bolt onto DNA membership for unlimited use: £8 per month
  • Pay as you go: £8.30 full price, £7.20 per session with a Gedling Leisure card (£6.70 concessions with a Gedling Leisure card)
  • Bolt onto another session: £4 full price, £3.50 per session with a Gedling Leisure card (£2.80 concessions with a Gedling Leisure card)

For more information, call the reception on 0115 901 3660.