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Swim Stars

A group of children taking part in a swimming lesson

Children's Swimming Lessons

Swim Stars

If you’re looking for swimming lessons for kids then our Swim Stars programme is a great way for them to gain the skills that will help keep them safe in the water whilst developing their swimming technique.

Our Swim Stars programme is delivered by qualified swimming instructors and follows the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway. Your child will work through the stages set out below, achieving Swim England Badges as they progress from beginner to competitive level.

Our Swim Stars programme links with our local swimming clubs giving children the opportunity to progress to club level.

Home Portal

Home Portal allows you to track your child's progress through the Swim Stars swimming lessons.

No need for queuing at reception, you can manage your child's swimming lessons online. You can change the day of your child's swimming lesson, see notes from their instructor and when your child is ready to progress to the next stage you can move them up to a day and time that suits you.

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Our Swim Star swimming lessons are suitable for children aged 4+


The best way to pay for your swimming lessons is by direct debit. Swim lesson memberships start from the date of purchase and include FREE unlimited access to public swim sessions.

For prices of swimming lessons and all other activities, memberships and facilities hire, please visit the Gedling Leisure price list.


For more information, visit the swimming lesson terms and conditions webpage and the changes to memberships webpage.

"With Gedling Swim Stars parents can track their child’s progress and the child gets a real sense of achievement when they pass each stage and get a certificate and badge. My daughter progressed up to Club Link and she was determined not to leave until she had achieved 100%. The teachers are dedicated and encouraging and nurtured her love of swimming. Thank you helping my daughter develop her passion. - Debbie B "

Stage Swim England Badges
 1  Developing basic safety awareness, movement and water confidence skills. Your child will use aids or support to develop their movement and our swimming instructor will be in the water to offer extra support.

5m Front Crawl

5m Backstroke
 2  This stage focuses on developing safe entries into the water and basic floating. There is also an introduction to breaststroke. Children should be able to attempt 5 metres breaststroke.

10m Front Crawl

10m Backstroke

5m Breaststroke

 3 This class continues to develop the stroke technique and distance of front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke, as well as introducing butterfly leg action. Your child will also be introduced to deep water.

25m Front Crawl

25m Backstroke

10m Breaststroke
 4  Your child will develop an understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills, refining kicking technique for all strokes. They will also start to swim to the Swim England expected stroke standards.

50m Breaststroke

25m Breaststroke

 5 Your child will develop ‘watermanship’ through sculling and treading water skills, complete rotation and also performing all strokes to the Swim England expected stroke standards.


25m Breaststroke

(Swim England expected standards)

Your child will develop effective swimming skills including co-ordinated breathing across all strokes and swimming 200m. Awareness of water safety aspects and an understanding of the importance of preparation for exercise.


50m Breaststroke

During this stage, your child will develop quality stroke techniques up to 100 metres. They will also successfully complete an obstacle course that combines a variety of skills achieved through stages 1-7. 400m 
This stage offers an introduction to competitive swimming, your child will complete timed sets as well as being introduced to streamlining and diving. 600m 
9 Your child will develop their competitive diving and be introduced to competitive turns as well as competitive ruling. 800m
Rookie The Rookie Lifeguard programme teaches children how to swim and enjoy water safely. It is a comprehensive and exciting scheme, equipping children with lifesaving skills and building confidence in and around bodies of water.  


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