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Private swimming lessons

smiling boy with goggles on learning to swim with float

Our private swimming lessons are open to any age and ability, and follow the same learning journey as our group swimming lessons. Private lessons are based on 2:1 tuition, in which two learners will be of similar ability and guided by our fully qualified teachers to help them reach their full swimming potential.  

This new 2:1 format gives learners the chance to make a new friend of a very similar swimming ability and personality, as well as seeing faster progression within the lessons as the learners also have the added element of learning from each other.

Private swimming lessons are an ideal companion to our group swimming lessons, helping pupils to work on swimming techniques in a private environment or working towards a certain goal in their group swimming lessons, or to gain more confidence in the water.

The learners are paired together based on them being of a similar ability, wanting similar outcomes from the lessons and are of a similar personality and energy to ensure maximum learning. 

We will only pair learners where it is suitable, and pairing will be based on ability, age, and other factors such as personality and any additional learning needs. There may be instances where it is only suitable for there to be 1:1 or where we cannot find another learner of similar ability or match with the person who books the slot. In this instance we will keep it at a 1:1 lesson. 

Please note these lessons are highly sought after and spaces fill up very quickly. For further details, please contact your local leisure centre.

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