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Terms and Conditions

Gedling Leisure Card

  1. The Leisure Card is at all times the property of Gedling Borough Council and must be surrendered to the Council on demand. The Leisure Card is annually renewable with the exception of the junior card.
  2. Any loss of the Leisure Card shall be reported immediately to Gedling Borough Council.
  3. Replacement cards can be purchased from any Leisure Centre. This does not include annual renewals. See Price List for details.
  4. The Leisure Card is not transferrable and must be used only by the person for whom it was issued. If transferred it will be forfeited.
  5. The Leisure Card photograph must be a true likeness of the card holder at all times. The Council reserves the right to request a new photograph to be taken.
  6. Completion and signature of the Leisure Card / DNA membership application form will be held to constitute acceptance of these conditions including the requirement for a photograph.
  7. All changes to personal details must be disclosed to Gedling Borough Council’s leisure centres for leisure card holders and DNA members.
  8. No refunds for Gedling Leisure Cards will be given.
  9. Use of the facilities is subject to bookings and availability.
  10. It is essential that the card is presented at reception or kiosk on every visit.
  11. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide evidence that they qualify for a concessionary membership in order to receive the discounted rates and renew their membership.
  12. Concessions may not apply in the following circumstances: Group bookings or room hire, When a person entitled to the concessionary or junior rates shares an activity with a non-eligible person (i.e. Squash, badminton bookings), Courses, Sports Pitches, other items as specified in the published price lists
  13. Card holders can book activities up to 7 days in advance from 7am, by contacting reception or booking online.
    Activities must be paid for at the time of booking (where applicable).
  14. Pay as you go customers must give at least 24hrs notice if they wish to cancel a pre-booked activity and receive a full refund. Failure to provide 24hrs notice will result in the forfeiture of the payment made for the activity. Activities can only be cancelled by contacting reception.
  15. We reserve the right to charge DNA customers the normal standard rate for a booking if it is not cancelled 2hrs in advance. Activities can be cancelled online.
  16. Facilities / activities may be withdrawn, restricted or altered due to maintenance, public holidays or programme reviews, where possible notice will be given to customers.
  17. The minimum age to join the gym and classes is 14 years. Under 16s are not permitted to use free weights or attend group cycle classes. A gym induction will be required for anyone under 18 years old.
  18. Carers of people with disabilities will be admitted free of charge where this is for the purpose of assisting the disabled person.
  19. Privacy Information: Gedling Borough Council is the Data Controller for any personal data you give to us. We will use the information provided by you for the purpose of providing your Gedling Leisure Card. You need to provide this information if you wish to enter into a contract with Gedling Borough Council for this purpose. The basis under which the Council uses personal data for this purpose is that this is necessary for the performance of a contract between you and the Council. [The information provided by you includes the following special categories of personal data, health and racial or ethnic origin. Information in these categories is used by the Council on the basis that you have given explicit consent, and in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018]. Information including how long we retain your data, who we share it with and your rights can be found at
  20. Mailing List Information: If you have ticked to join our mailing list we will use the information provided by you for the purpose of providing regular update emails from the Council on memberships, to inform you of leisure offers and promotions and to conduct market research. You are not obliged to provide this information.The basis under which the Council uses personal data for this purpose is with your consent. You have the right to remove your consent and unsubscribe at any time. Please note that our update emails may include advertising for third parties. Further information can be found at
  21. Gedling Borough Council accepts no responsibility whatsoever for customers property in the leisure facilities.
  22. Gedling Borough Council reserves the right to amend terms, conditions and policies.
  23. Gedling Borough Council operates a zero tolerance policy against aggressive and abusive behaviour towards staff and other members of the public. Gedling Borough Council reserves the right to refuse entry and / or to withdraw membership at any time.
  24. Any breach of these conditions will render the Leisure card holder liable to forfeiture.
  25. In order to avoid disturbing classes, you are requested to arrive in good time. If you are over 5 minutes late you may not be able to access your session
  26. For health and safety reasons bags are not permitted onto the gym floor. Customers are required to wear suitable clean gym wear and trainers when using the fitness suite. Inappropriate footwear (e.g. flipflops) are worn at the owners risk.

DNA Specific

  1. Gym induction - Gedling Borough Council recommend that all gym users undertake induction training. Juniors are required to undertake a gym induction before using the equipment. Adults can choose not to undertake induction training if you are a confident and experienced gym user, the Council will allow you to use the facilities, provided that you seek advice from a member of staff if you are in anyway unfamiliar with a particular piece of equipment or type of exercise.
  2. Adults turning 65 years of age are entitled to a concessionary membership. This applies to both Gedling leisure card and monthly membership DNA members. Find more information on our concessions webpage.
  3. Your membership allows you access to fitness suites, exercise classes including virtual sessions, public swim at Arnold, Calverton, Carlton Forum and Redhill Leisure Centre’s where applicable. Access to the DNA Nutrition online healthy eating tool is also included.
  4. Customers that pay by direct debit hold membership for each month that payments are made. Payment must be made for a month in advance.
  5. The joining fee and first months pro rata payment is due at the start of your membership and is non-refundable.
  6. No refunds will be given to customers who wish to cancel an annual membership.
  7. If you wish to cancel your membership and are not in your minimum term contract, we require 14 days’ notice prior to your payment date. Please action at Changes to memberships - Gedling Leisure once all payments are up to date.
  8. If you fail to maintain payments in accordance with this agreement we reserve the right to cancel or suspend your membership.
  9. If you fail to pay under this agreement or if any direct debit is returned unpaid, you will be expected to clear you debt at a leisure centre with 7 days.
  10. If there is any change in monthly membership rates, prior notice will be given.
  11. If you are unable to make use of your membership for whatever reason, it is possible to suspend your membership at a rate of £5 per month. Please apply to do this at Changes to memberships - Gedling Leisure. 10 days’ notice is required and each case will be reviewed on an individual basis. Only one suspension is allowed in a 12-month period and the council’s discretion will be final.
  12. If a collection date fall on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment will be collected on the next working day.

Health Suite Specific

  1. Member’s adding or taking out a health suite membership by the ‘pay monthly’ arrangement will need to make out a minimum of 3 full payments. After this point members can cancel this arrangement by giving 10 days’ notice. In order to do this a ‘change of membership’ form needs to be completed at reception.
  2. No refunds will be given to customers who wish to cancel an annual health suite membership.
  3. Members are to follow the customer expectations and guidelines when using the health suite facility available to view in the health suite area or online at
  4. DO NOT use the sauna, steam room if:
    • You are under 18.
    • You suffer from heart diseases, circulatory
    problems, or have high or low blood pressure.
    • You are pregnant.
    • You are taking medication or have recently
    undergone surgery.
    • Have consumed a heavy meal or alcohol.

Free three day pass

The terms and conditions for using a three day pass include:

  • Limited to 1 per person in any 6 month period
  • Can be used to access Gedling Leisure’s gyms, swimming pools, health suite and exercise classes in any one given day and excludes specialist sessions
  • An induction is required before gaining access to the gym, this must be booked in advance
  • Use is subject to booking and availability
  • Gedling Leisure accepts no responsibility whatsoever for customers property
  • The user will be issued a free Gedling Leisure Card if not already a card holder

Direct Debit guarantee

Gedling Leisure Direct debit guarantee image