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Virtual aqua classes

Virtual aqua classes 

Virtual aqua classes are an exciting and fun activity available to book at Arnold Leisure Centre.

Each week timetabled classes are held in the pool with instructors on a large TV screen, which also shows the movements needed, both above and below the water. 

These virtual aqua sessions are in addition to our regular aqua aerobics classes, so that we can offer more activities at a wider variety of times.  

On-demand virtual aqua sessions will also soon be available, giving you the freedom to choose your workout and duration. You can do these on your own or get your friends and family involved too.

Benefits of virtual aqua classes

  • Clear instructions with movements shown above and below the water 
  • Burn calories in a fun and unique way
  • Water resistance is great to build and tone muscles
  • Low impact exercises ideal for various health conditions
  • A large range of classes available to choose from
  • On-demand sessions give you more flexibility on when you exercise, how long for and which classes your prefer to take part in.

How the sessions work

These classes take place in the swimming pool but with a modern twist. Instead of an instructor physically there with you, the classes are led by an instructor shown on a large TV screen. Timetabled sessions will be set up by a member of staff ready for the class to begin. Any equipment needed for the sessions, for example floats, will be provided.

For on-demand sessions, you can use the handheld device to operate the TV and select the class style, duration and difficulty. Should you need any assistance with this, a member of staff will be happy to help. 

There are four categories to choose from; move, cardio, power and beat. Classes within each category will be rotated so that you can keep your workouts exciting.

Move - Simple movements to focus on core strength and mobility with the full support of water.

Cardio – Challenge your cardio and muscular endurance while raising your heart rate.

Power - A total body workout, muscle conditioning and intense movements.

Beat – Feel the rhythm and challenge your coordination with body conditioning exercises to the music.

Session timetable

Sessions are available to book 7 days in advance online.

Monday*   10.45am   Move  45 mins
Tuesday   10.30am   Cardio  45 mins
Wednesday**   1.30pm   Power  45 mins
Thursday   10.30am   Move  45 mins
    7pm   Cardio  45 mins
Friday   2.30pm   Beat  45 mins

* There will be an additional virtual aqua session on Mondays, 3.15-4pm during the school holidays.

**The Wednesday 1.30pm session will be with an instructor, not virtual, during the school holidays (17 July - 4 September). 

The virtual aqua sessions share space in the main pool during other swimming sessions. 

Have you attended a Hydrohex virtual aqua session before? We would love to hear your feedback. Please use this survey to let us know what you think to the sessions. 

How to book

You can book your place on a timetabled Hydrohex virtual aqua session through our online booking system up to 7 days in advance, via the app or by contacting the Arnold Leisure Centre with a membership or Gedling Leisure card.

Virtual aqua classes are included in a DNA Membership.

The classes are also open to Pay As You Go customers at a price per session of £6.20, or with a Gedling Leisure card sessions cost £5.40, £3.70 concessions.

View timetable and book online


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