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Baby and Toddler

Baby and Toddler Swimming Lessons

Pre-swim school swimming lessons

We are currently offering pre-swim school lessons at Arnold Leisure Centre, including parent and baby, parent and toddler and pre-swim school (ages 3+) with new changes in place to follow safety guidelines. Find out more about the pre-swim school sessions here.

Carlton Forum Leisure Centre has parent and toddler pool sessions

These are still instructor led, but are fun, games sessions, not lessons. The perfect introduction to swimming pools for your baby. These pay as you go sessions are Wednesdays and Fridays at 12pm. Call Carlton Forum on 0115 987 2333 to find out more and book a session for you and your little one.

Baby and toddler swimming lessons

Water safety is a key element of our baby and toddler swimming lessons. Led by our qualified swimming instructors, our swimming lessons provide an opportunity for you and your baby to progress through our structured swimming lesson programme, developing their water confidence and swimming skills.

Baby swimming lessons provide quality time for you to bond with your baby whilst introducing them to the water. As they progress to the toddler swimming lessons your child will learn the fundementals  of swimming through fun activities and games, providing them with basic water skills to help keep them safe in and around water.

"Alfie’s confidence has improved so much. He wouldn't get in the pool when we first started lessons but now he jumps in without hesitation. The swimming instructor has helped with his confidence and made swimming fun!"


Babies can start swimming lessons at any age, however, it is advised that mums do not accompany their baby until they have had their 6 week postnatal check.

The baby and toddler swimming lessons follow a programme that develops your child’s water skills up to age 4, however, children on the baby and toddler swimming lessons may progress to the Swim Stars programme before they are 4 if you and our swimming instructor agree that they have made sufficient progress.


The best way to pay for your swimming lessons is by direct debit. Direct debit payments for our baby and toddler swimming lessons are charged at £22.50 a month for a weekly 25 minute lesson. Your child will also get FREE unlimited access to Swim 4 All sessions when you pay by direct debit.


Swim Stars Swim Stars
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Swim Stars

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Adult Swimming Lessons

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