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An older man with swimming cap and goggles on, stood by a pool. Text on the image reads: Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons

One in five adults cannot swim, if you want to learn to learn how to swim our adult swimming lessons at Arnold and Carlton Forum Leisure Centre are a great way to reach your goal in a safe, supportive environment.

Our adult swimming lessons follow the Swim England Adult Swimming Framework and are designed to work on your own personal goals. Whether you’re a beginner, would like to refine your technique or learn a new stroke, our swimming instructors will talk to you about what you want to achieve during your lessons and work at your pace. Our instructors are in the water to give extra support if needed.

Our adult swimming lessons are group lessons so provide a great way to meet new people who have the same goal as you.

The adult swimming lessons cover the four Adult Learn to Swim Awards:

  1. Be Water Confident – this award helps you gain the confidence to enter the pool safely. It also covers the ability to move around the pool with confidence and to achieve basic core aquatic skills. These are entries, exits, buoyancy, balance and aquatic breathing.
  2. Be a Swimmer – by the time you earn this award you will have the necessary skills to start swimming independently over short distances (5 to 10 metres) without support or swimming aids
  3. Be a Better Swimmer – by this point you’ll be able to swim up to 400 metres independently. You’ll also have the confidence to try other pool activities, such as Aquacise or lane swimming.
  4. Be a Master Swimmer – gaining this Award means you can confidently enter the Masters section of a swimming club. You’ll build advanced swimming skills enabling you to compete.

"My goal was to overcome my fear of water and be able to swim. I started swimming lessons 15 months ago when I just turned 70. I can now swim across the pool!" - Linda
"I would definitely recommend adult swimming lessons, it’s certainly the best thing I have done in recent years, and my improved mental and physical health as a direct result of it!" - Maxine


These swimming lessons are suitable for those aged 16+


Swimming lessons can be paid by direct debit. Swim lesson memberships start from the date of purchase and include FREE unlimited access to public swim sessions.

For prices of swimming lessons and all other activities, memberships and facilities hire, please visit the Gedling Leisure price list.


For more information, visit the swimming lesson terms and conditions webpage and the changes to memberships webpage.

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Private swimming lessons

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