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Swimming recycling

Recycle your unwanted or broken swimming items with images of flip flops, goggles, swim caps, floats

You can now recycle your unwanted or broken swimming items at our pools.

The Leisure Loop Recycling Scheme makes it easier for swimmers to recycle many common items such as goggles, swim caps, and floats, which are normally hard to recycle.

You will find a recycling box near the reception area of Arnold, Calverton and Carlton Forum Leisure Centre.

What can go into the recycling boxes?

Used items accepted in the recycling boxes include:

  • plastic/ foam armbands
  • swim caps
  • goggles
  • flip flops
  • foam floats eg. pool noodle, kickboard, pull buoy
  • swim fins/ flippers

Please do not place packaging or any other rubbish into these boxes.

What happens with the items in the boxes?

The items in the boxes will be taken away to be processed at a recycling facility where the items are separated and sorted.

The materials are then shredded, cleaned and turned into small pieces of a new version of raw material which can be used to produce new products in the UK, such as flip flops.

Recycling in this way also reduces the demand on new products being produced using raw materials, which in turn helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.