Changes to memberships

Suspending your DNA membership

It is possible to suspend your membership at a rate of £5 per month. You will need to complete a suspension form giving at least 10 days’ notice. Each case will be reviewed on an individual basis and the Council’s decision will be final. Please note:

  • Suspended months do not contribute to the duration of a minimum term 9 or 12 month contract.
  • Suspensions can only start on your direct debit payment date e.g. 5th or 20th
  • You are only able to suspend your membership once in a 12 month period

Suspend membership 〉

Change of Membership

If you wish to change your DNA membership then you will need to complete the change of membership form giving at least 10 days’ notice. This should be used if you want to move to a concession or 9 month contract. Please note:

  • If you are changing to a concessionary membership you may be asked to provide proof of eligibility
  • Changes to your monthly direct debit will only take place once your membership has been altered

Change membership 〉

Cancelling your Membership

If you want to cancel your membership you can do so by completing the cancellation form giving at least 14 days’ notice. Please note, if you cancel your membership whilst still in contract we will take any action available to us to recover any outstanding amounts.

Cancel membership 〉