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Carlton Forum

Dino Dash Party

Sports hall party with Dino Dash inflatable, tables and chairs for food and presents plus table tennis and music system. Extras available - £27.10 for 2 indoor football goals.

Dino Dash party Carlton

DurationPriceAgesMaximum Capacity
2 hrs £188 or £163 with a Gedling Leisure Card 3+ 33


Small Pool Party

1 hour in the Small pool, which is full of float fun toys, small inflatables and toys. Followed by 1 hour in the activity room for food, drinks, presents and games. Music system provided.

DurationPriceGLC PriceAgesMaximum Capacity
2 hrs £163 £142 Under 9's, 4 children to 1 adult. Under 5's, 2 children to 1 adult 20 children

Betty Bug Party

90 minutes in the sports hall (2 courts) with the Betty Bug castle and soft play. Includes tables, chairs and music system.

Betty Bug party Carlton

DurationPriceGLC PriceAgesMaximum Capacity
90 minutes £90 £78.75 Under 5s 20 children